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Why Outdoor Wicker Furniture Is Ideal For Your Exterior Living Space

Wicker is a slender type of grass like shrub that is commonly used in the manufacture of furniture. The manufacturing process begins with the weaving or lacing of the individual wicker blades in order to create wickerwork. This wickerwork is what is then woven around furniture frames to create a variety of pieces ranging from seats to tables. It should be noted that wicker is not the same as rattan or willow, as these are different types of materials also used in the creation of furniture. Here are some of the reasons why outdoor wicker furniture would be ideal for your exterior living space.

Outdoor wicker furniture is suitable for all climates

Although Australia predominantly experiences warm weather, it is also does experience erratic weather changes. As such, you would need outdoor furniture that is capable of withstanding varying climatic conditions without its structural integrity becoming compromised. One of inherent characteristics of wicker is that it is moisture as well as heat resistant. Therefore, you should have no qualms about locating this furniture in areas where it would have to withstand relentless sun or be consistently exposed to wet conditions. This resilience to climatic changes makes it a popular choice for outdoor furniture the world over.

Outdoor wicker furniture is sturdy yet lightweight

Another advantage of opting for outdoor wicker furniture is that it is one of the lightest natural materials you could choose for your outdoor living space. Since wicker furniture is not heavy, they are extremely portable and you can move them around your home as you wish. However, it should be noted that being lightweight does not mean they can automatically be knocked over by the wind or playful children. The frame holding the wicker together makes the furniture sturdy, so you can rest assured that it will stay in position once you have selected a location for it.

Outdoor wicker furniture is comfortable

One of the options people consider for outdoor furniture is plastic. Not only is this material hard, but it also tends to absorb heat making them too hot to sit on during the sweltering summer months. Wicker, on the other hand, is one of the more comfortable materials that you could choose for your yard or patio. The weaving of the wicker makes it airy, so you can always be assured your seats are cool. Additionally, if you do not want to sit directly on the wicker, you can opt to have cushioning or some foam padding incorporated into the design of your seats. This will make them plush and comfortable.