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Key Questions to Ask a Seller Regarding Recliner Lift Chairs

Quality rest is mandatory for good health and overall productivity. However, when you suffer from joint problems, resting and sleeping can become a nightmare. Moreover, simple tasks such as standing up from a chair or sitting down also become difficult and painful. Fortunately, a recliner lift chair makes light work of sitting, standing or lying down. Given the numerous recliner lift chair brands available, choosing the right one requires a careful approach. It starts by asking crucial questions to help choose a recliner lift chair.

Single or Dual Motor?

Design-wise, a recliner lift chair is not different from other suites. It means that a recliner lift chair has a backrest, seating area, and footrest. In some recliner lift chair models, a single motor controls the backrest and footrest. Although the models are comfortable, they limit your level of control as far as relaxation goes. For instance, if you want to recline the backrest but leave the footrest down, it is not possible with a single-motor recliner lift chair. Dual-motor recliner lift chairs provide the much-needed freedom expected from such seats. A dual motor model allows you to control the backrest and footrest independently, giving you control over your comfort needs.

Do Your Chairs Have Height and Weight Limitations?

One thing you should understand about recliner lift chairs is that they are not a one-size-fits-all type of furniture. As strong as they might seem, recliner lift chairs have a limit on how much they can handle. Notably, a recliner lift chair's springs and structural frame can handle heavy weights but only up to a certain limit. The good thing is that most recliner lift chair models can accommodate people of different heights and weights. Even then, you should still ask how much weight a recliner lift chair can handle to be on the safe side.

Any Extra Accessories?

A recliner lift chair is primarily designed to make sitting, standing and sleeping comfortable for people with health conditions. Thus, the reclining and raising mechanisms should be enough for most people. However, it should not be the case because settling for a recliner lift chair that only offers the bare minimum is limiting. Instead, you should spend your money on a recliner lift chair that offers more. For instance, some recliner lift chairs have USB ports, cup holders, side pockets and even side lamps. Furniture store supervisors should have the information at their fingertips; therefore, it would not hurt to ask.