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3 Ways Replacement Covers Protect Outdoor Furniture Upholstery

Outdoor relaxation spaces can increase the value of a property significantly. It might explain why outdoor spaces are hot features in the real estate industry today. That said, furniture left on a patio or deck is exposed to harsh conditions, such as rain, sunlight, and dirt. Unfortunately, outdoor furniture fabrics are less likely to last long under such conditions. Buying replacement chair covers can slow down the wear on outdoor furniture upholstery in the following ways.

Interchange Covers — Rarely will you find leather chairs in outdoor spaces because direct sunlight leads to fading and excessive drying. Other natural fabrics, such as cotton and linen, do pretty well in outdoor areas, but only if well protected. Replacement covers do the job excellently because they create a barrier between upholstery fabric and the environment. This way, children can even jump on chairs as much as they want without damaging or staining the fabric. Furthermore, you can use a different replacement cover when washing cushions and the main cover. Most importantly, you do not have to worry about leaving your furniture bare when covers get dirty.

Liquid/Stain Repellent — Would you rather be sipping a glass of wine and reading your favourite book in your living room, or on your deck? Most people would prefer the deck because of the quality of relaxation and tranquillity such spaces offer. However, drinking your favourite beverage on your patio increases the chances of spillage on outdoor furniture. Sometimes, it can be challenging to remove your furniture from the rain in time, exposing it to wet dirt. Replacement chair covers can be made from repellent fabrics, which prevent outdoor furniture upholstery from liquid spills and stains. However, you have to scrutinise replacement covers to confirm that they are made from a repellent material.

24/7 Protection from All Weather — Ideally, standard replacement chair covers are enough to protect your furniture from rain, sun, dust and dirt. However, what happens during high or gusty winds? The chances are high that standard covers will be blown away, exposing your furniture to the very elements you are protecting them from. It can be devastating if you are constantly away from home since you cannot cover exposed furniture. Quality replacement covers do not just save your furniture occasionally. Thanks to tie-downs, outdoor furniture remains protected 24/7 from all weather conditions. All you have to do is secure tie-downs correctly on the furniture legs to protect the upholstery throughout.