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Patio Decorating: 4 Tips for Impressing Your Guests

When you have a patio, it can be an excellent space for entertaining and enjoying family time. While there are basic items that can be used to decorate the space and make it functional, there are also some things to add to impress others. Here are some excellent ways to decorate your patio.

Get High-Quality Patio Furniture

The first thing you should get for your patio is furniture. The type of furniture you choose will depend largely on how much space you have on your patio and what types of spaces you hope to create. However, to impress your guests, try to go with more high-end furniture and stay away from materials like plastic and wicker. If you like the look of wicker, you can often get really nice furniture in rattan. This is slightly more expensive and has a nice, warm look to it. If you live in a relatively mild climate, you can get away with wood or teak furniture outdoors, which adds a homey, high-end look to the space. Metal patio furniture also works well if you choose it correctly.

Also consider not just having a basic area on your patio with furniture but making it look like an outdoor living room. Have a sofa and loveseat or a few chairs, multiple accent tables, a large area rug, and proper lighting in that space.

Set Up a Grilling Station

If your family likes to have barbeques, then a grilling station is an excellent choice. It is not only a functional space for your family, but when guests come by, they will be blown away by it. With a grilling station, you don't just have your Weber barbeques put off to the side but create an entire grilling area. For example, many people like to watch others barbeque or stand around while they are cooking hot dogs and hamburgers. Why not have some seats or bar stools around? You can set up an outdoor kitchen area where the barbeque is placed on one end, with a long bar set up a short distance away and some barstools in front of the bar. People can sit there to drink, have conversation, and also watch the barbeque master at work.

Add Lighting

An excellent way to impress your guests when you have people over to enjoy your patio is to add lighting. There are many different types of lighting fixtures for a patio and backyard, from solar-powered flood and post lights to hanging lanterns and string lights. For the patio itself, hanging up some beautiful lanterns and having the sitting area surrounded by string lights is a great start. Don't forget that you can also get light at night with the help of a fire pit that can be placed right in the middle of the seating area. You can also choose path lighting and wall lights to add more illumination on a dark night.