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How a Patio Fire Pit Will Transform Your Outdoor Social Events

One of the very best things about living in Australia is being able to enjoy the beautiful summer weather. If you are fortunate enough to have a back garden, you no doubt enjoy inviting your family, friends, and neighbours to your patio to enjoy some food and a few cocktails on balmy Australian evenings. But your gatherings can only ever be as good as your outdoor patio space. If you really want to have an original patio feature, it can be well worth investing in a fire pit. Here's how a fire pit could totally transform your patio and outdoor gatherings.

Use it as a cooking aid. Food is the lifeblood of any great party. If your food falters, then so will the whole atmosphere of your get together. But with a fire pit, you can use this piece of outdoor furniture as an interactive way of cooking food. Supply your guests with marshmallow kebabs that they can singe over the flames until they turn into a gooey, delicious mess. You can also supply a selection of dipping sauces, and this is an easy way to get people having fun at your party. Some fire pits can even be used as barbecues to grill meats and veggies.

Make a design statement. Many patios don't have the wow factor because they don't have that one furniture item that really makes them stand out from the crowd. A fire pit, however, can do just that. They can be purchased in many different styles, from something sleek made with marble to something more rustic with exposed brick – so no matter your taste, there will be a fire pit for your garden. And if you aren't exactly green fingered and dread the thought of having to maintain a patio full of plants, a fire pit is ideal because it requires no gardening expertise, and virtually zero ongoing maintenance.

Continue the party into the autumn. A fire pit will also provide additional warmth. This means that your gatherings can extend from the summer months right through to the autumn when the evenings become chillier. Make some warming drinks like spiked hot chocolates, place some comfortable cushioned seating around the fire pit, and you have the makings of an autumn gathering to remember. And if you are fortunate enough to have an outdoor pool, your fire pit can provide the perfect place to warm up following a refreshing dip.