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4 Reasons to Pick Wicker Chairs Over Plastic for Your Pergola Furniture

Adding a pergola to your outside space lets you enjoy the fresh air while staying out of the sun. You can even stay dry when it's raining out, and pergolas provide ideal places for entertaining. Of course, no pergola is complete without some outdoor furniture, and you'll have a few options to choose from. It might be tempting to make do with nothing but plastic furniture, but there are plenty of reasons why you shouldn't.

Here are just a few reasons you should buy wicker chairs instead. 

1. Comfort

First and foremost, wicker chairs offer exceptional comfort. Most plastic outdoor chairs are relatively basic; there isn't much room to move around, and you don't generally find any upholstery. The plastic is cold when you first sit down then hot and sticky when you've been sitting in it for some time. Wicker chairs avoid those problems; deep, upholstered and accommodating, they work well in any temperature. Whether you're relaxing alone or chatting with friends, it's nicer to sit in a wicker chair.  

2. Style

Plastic chairs are usually bought for their low-cost rather than their aesthetic benefits; in fact, they tend to look cheap and uninspired. Wicker furniture perfectly suits the outdoor environment, and wicker chairs provide higher-end style than plastic ones. You'll also find wicker available in a wide number of styles and colours, so you can pick up a set that reflects your own personal sense of style.

3. Weight

Plastic furniture isn't very heavy. That can be a benefit when you need to move furniture around on a regular basis, but it really isn't ideal when you're looking for pergola furniture. You'll want your chairs to stay out even when you aren't in the garden, but do that with plastic chairs, and you'll probably return to find them blown hither and thither. Even a light wind will do it, and blown chairs can cause damage across your outside space. Wicker chairs are light enough to move around but heavy enough to resist the wind.

4. Eco-Friendly

Finally, keep in mind how your choice will affect the planet. Modern wicker furniture is usually treated to a waterproof coating, but the material itself is all natural. Even the upholstery is usually made using natural cotton and filling material. Plastic chairs are man-made, so they consume resources during production and aren't easy to recycle. To keep things eco-friendly, wicker furniture is what you need.