Low Cost Decor Tips for Your New Cafe

Opening a new cafe? In the ideal world, you'd have a plentiful budget that covered great decor and cafe furniture. However, if your budget is tight and you'd rather redirect your funding to different areas, you can still have a great looking cafe by using the tips below. Wall Surfaces Neutral, whitewashed walls will give you a great base from which you can build on. Good quality white trade paint comes in large tubs and at a reasonable cost. [Read More]

Patio Decorating: 4 Tips for Impressing Your Guests

When you have a patio, it can be an excellent space for entertaining and enjoying family time. While there are basic items that can be used to decorate the space and make it functional, there are also some things to add to impress others. Here are some excellent ways to decorate your patio. Get High-Quality Patio Furniture The first thing you should get for your patio is furniture. The type of furniture you choose will depend largely on how much space you have on your patio and what types of spaces you hope to create. [Read More]

Why Outdoor Wicker Furniture Is Ideal For Your Exterior Living Space

Wicker is a slender type of grass like shrub that is commonly used in the manufacture of furniture. The manufacturing process begins with the weaving or lacing of the individual wicker blades in order to create wickerwork. This wickerwork is what is then woven around furniture frames to create a variety of pieces ranging from seats to tables. It should be noted that wicker is not the same as rattan or willow, as these are different types of materials also used in the creation of furniture. [Read More]